The Fastest Dinosaur in the World

Today I would like to focus
On Dippy the Diplodocus
It seems he’s already on tour
Dippy ‘The Flat Pack’ Dinosaur

When he arrives at each destination
He’s assembled for public observation
With labels and signs all around
And weights to keep his feet on the ground

No dinosaur will ever move faster
Than Dippy whose cast out of plaster
This giant jigsaw puzzle of bones
Can be snapped by you on your phones

And his image will be sent by tonight
To your mates at the speed of light
So no dinosaur will ever move faster
Than Dippy whose made out of plaster


All rights reserved
Peter Roe 2018


Tiddles The Quantum Cat

You may have heard a tale that folks relate
About a cat in a box in a quantum state
That cat is neither alive or dead when its hid
You can only make sure when you lift the lid

Now Tiddles the cat was the one whose fate
Had been tied forever into that quantum state
So when his mates came and gave him a shout
He couldn’t go because he was neither in nor out

Poor little Tiddles he just wasn’t really sure
Who he really was and if he existed any more
Being both dead and alive it seems to me
Means that he is probably just a Zombie

One night each year when the veils are thin
Reality gets twisted and they let the others in
So leave out a box with sweets and stuff like that
In case you need to feed Tiddles the Zombie Cat

And if you are out and about on Halloween Night
And hear a strange noise that gives you a fright
It’s probably just Tiddles the Zombie Cat
Knocking over bins or something like that


All Rights Reserved – Peter Roe – October 2017