Information Overload

I’ve got me a tablet with a wire less contraption
that gives me the internet and network interaction
and a Hi Deff Tee Vee with digital information
that dishes up soap using it’s satellite connection

I’m integrated and interfaced and wired to the hilt
I get all the gadgets just as soon as they’re built
I’m hip and I’m cool and I’m trying not to get old
but really I’m approaching information overload

I got me a smart phone to keep me connected
and an alarm for the house to keep me protected
And a microchip for the cat to keep him located
and an XBone for my kids to keep them placated

I’m integrated and interfaced and wired to the hilt
I get all the gadgets just as soon as they’re built
I’m hip and I’m cool and I’m trying not to get old
but I think I’m approaching information overload

I’m targeted with adverts from morning till night
‘Hey… Buy this for a dollar’ or ‘Buy this Cheap Flight’
or ‘Bulk me Ups’ and  ‘Niagra’ and ‘Hot Totty’ too
or a ‘Cruising Holiday’ or a “Day Trip to the Zoo’

I integrated and interfaced with digital communication
but all the gadgets gave me was information saturation
I’m not hip and not cool and I’m definitely getting old
and I have finally reached information overload

Peter Roe
All Rights Reserved


Miss Information

I was surfing on the net like I usually do…
A window popped up “A Message For You!”
I clicked on the button with some anticipation
It opened right up an E-mail communication

It was a message from you saying “Hello it’s me
please write me straight back and then we shall see
if we can conduct this affair in a meaningful way
or we should stop it right now and call it a day”

I stop what I’m doing and think for a while
then start to write and begin with a smile
You know what I mean… a little emoticon
that signifies a mood or a hat you have on


I send an e-mail back with my kindest salutations
and a quick fire answer to your hot propositions
“Just check your recipients before you click send
to direct mail to your lover and not to your friend!”

Peter Roe
All Rights Reserved

Spams Off!

I seem to remember, when I was a lad
Sitting in a caf’ with me dear old Dad
and fag ash Lil with her face so hard
slouched on over and gave us a card
covered in stains from the greasy food
and an attitude that bordered on being bloody rude

She’d get out a pencil and her little notebook
she’d scratch her nose and give you that look
that says “I’m busy, I haven’t got all day”
then she opens her mouth and what does she say?

“You can’t have breakfast it’s long past ten”
so we look at the card to start choosing again
“Ketchup is extra and we haven’t any hake…
and you’ll have to wait ‘cos cooks on his break”
she interrupts herself with a delicate cough
“Oh and by the way… the spams off!”

Peter Roe 
All rights reserved

Spam Too

I don’t really see how you can
Accuse me of sending spam

I’m pretty sure and I think you’ll find
That spam’s a tin with meat inside

And furthermore what’s even better
There’s no calories in an e-mail letter

How can you treat my odes my brother
Like some junk from a faceless other?

And if you feel your mailbox is replete,
then don’t read the stuff just hit delete!

Alternatively for a sense of humour bypass visit

Peter Roe
All Rights Reserved