Peter Roe was born and raised a ‘Northern Lad’ in Buxton in the Peak District.  He has served in the RAF and has worked with computers and emerging technologies for more than thirty years in the service industry, retail and education sectors. He lived and worked in The Netherlands for six years before moving to Dorset with his Wife and Son.

For the last eight years of his working career he worked in Education as a Computer Network and Media Development Manager for the Dorset LEA at The Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester. Whilst in this post Peter and a colleague created a project called ‘Films for Learning’. It ran for five years and was a creative client/developer (Teacher/Students) film making venture that gained the backing of both educators and the technology industry. The project generated over a thousand user generated educational films from students and teachers in education.

Peter is an accomplished photographer and painter who likes to shatter peoples pre and misconceptions about “Computer Geeks and Anoraks!”  Peter’s poems and stories have been well received at public readings both in the UK and The Netherlands where he was dubbed ‘The Techno-Poet’ .

Peter became ill in 2010 and was forced into early retirement. He remains an eternal optimist and describes himself on Twitter as  “Disabled by Bread… Soft int’ head… Dad of Three… Addicted to Eye Tee… Poet and Writer… App Game Fighter…”

He is constantly rhyming and punning and is currently working on the drafts of two novels: ‘Three Darts’, a contemporary tale of love, lust and redemption and ‘Mr Sambaya’, a journey of self-discovery and a journey around hidden Europe.