If words were music
I could be a Grand Master
A Concert Pianist
A member of an orchestra
A Cello-ist
A Triangle-ist
A Percussion-ist
To insert
A clash of syllables

Ever Been On Your Own?


“Have you ever been on your own?”

“I was at home alone last night
Watched football and the big fight
Ate popcorn and drank some beers
Went out… I was bored to tears”

“But have you ever been on your own?”

“Went to a party with lots of folks
Hung out with some regular blokes
I guess you can tell by my tone
I didn’t like them so I felt alone”

“But have you ever been on your own?”

“When the house is empty, my friends all gone
The trash has been cleared, the cleaning done
I guess sometimes then I feel alone
Like a dog who has lost his bone”

“When you have sat in your sacred space
And sent your mind to your special place…
Slowed your thoughts till there’s nothing there…
Breathed in and out with clean fresh air…

When you have seen that lake in your minds eye
Full of pain from all those tears that you didn’t cry
When you have sat upon that lonely shore
Then and only then, and not at all before…

Then you can say you have been on your own!

And when you return from that mind’s recess
You can say out loud with no fear of redress
I have traveled far and I have traveled wide
But the hardest journey was the one inside

…and when I did that… I was on my own!”

Peter Roe – August 2001